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The finest moss for your design projects...

Current top trend in design is to make interiors and exteriors more green by using either living vertical gardens, lush wall frames or recently more and more popular moss surfacing and moss frames. Decorative moss surfacing is the ideal and stylish way to make your home, office, shop, showroom or a restaurant more green.

Our maintenance-free moss decorations offers vast amount of possibilities for your creativity and brings that unique and much needed fresh nature touch to your everyday life. Moss frames are the eye pleasing art-like beautiful wall decorations. Its gorgeous green color helps you to calm down, relieve sress and also strenghten up your relation with nature. (perfect while combined with aBetonepox® plaster :-)

Royal moss (200g)
Sheet moss (200g)
Forest moss (160g)
Royal moss soft (200g)
Moss Frame Betonepox Forrest
Moss frame Betonepox Meadow
Mountain moss (180g)
Spanish moss (200g)
Sheet moss soft (200g)
Moss frame Betonepox MossArt
Moss frame Betonepox Nature

Do not be afraid

Quality product

When well taken care of, our moss will last lush and green for many years.


Right when you place the order, we run into the nearest forest with a knife. :-)

Simple installation

The installation requires just a little bit of glueing skill.
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